Slab Sawing

Slab sawing allows us to saw on flat or horizontal surfaces such as walks, bridge decks, roadways, runways, flooring, curbs and more. Providing a quick, precise and cost effective way to cut concrete without challenging the structural integrity of surrounding surfaces and areas, slab sawing is used for construction, demolition, maintenance and repair - particularly in bridge and roadway work and trenching.

Although we specialize in large-scale jobs, Diamond Coring does provide work for a variety of jobs including high production, wide open "blow and go," as well as high exposure, delicate cut decorative work.


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Call on the company trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, and by government agencies and organizations in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, and Iowa, as well as utility companies and businesses who rely on our ability to meet their exacting requirements, budgets and timeframes.

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