Rumble Strips

Diamond Coring utilizes specialized equipment to create rumble strips that work effectively to alert drivers that they are driving on the shoulder of the road. A great acoustical mechanism for waking up sleepy drivers, rumble strips are created by milling a pattern of grooves of a specified length, width, and depth along the shoulder or median strip of the asphalt road. Rumble strips do not adversely affect the driver's ability to maneuver his vehicle and in fact, increase safety by alerting him to recover and make the necessary adjustments to remain on the road.

Call on the company trusted by departments of transportation, government agencies, and organizations in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, and Iowa, who rely on our ability to meet their exacting requirements, budgets, and timeframes.

Diamond Coring has an entire division that specializes in grooving, offering a wide variety of solutions for roads, parking lots, runways, walkways, decks, loading docks, ramps, and more, to enhance overall safety and function. For more information please visit our website.