Slab Sawing

Slab sawing allows us to saw on flat or horizontal surfaces such as walks, bridge decks, roadways, runways, flooring, curbs and more. Providing a quick, precise and cost effective way to cut concrete without challenging the structural integrity of surrounding surfaces and areas, slab sawing is used for construction, demolition, maintenance and repair - particularly in bridge and roadway work and trenching.

Although we specialize in large-scale jobs, Diamond Coring does provide work for a variety of jobs including high production, wide open "blow and go," as well as high exposure, delicate cut decorative work.

Diamond Coring is well-equipped to get the job done

  • More than 100 gas, diesel, propane, hydraulic and electric powered saws

  • Dust/Particulate-Free Options

  • Saws range from 5HP - 120HP

  • Cuts from 1/8" - 36"

  • All forms of slab sawing are available

  • OSHA safety trained

  • Experienced, skilled workforce